Marseille is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, and is definitely one of the most fantastic cities in France. While it’s often ignored in favor for other, more popular locations, like Paris and Nice, there is a very specific charm that no other city in France can claim to match. Reaching it is incredibly easy, especially by air, and getting to and from the Marseille airport can be quite quick, and most of the time you wouldn’t even feel it.

Stunning Cultural Spaces

The city of Marseilles is going through a sort of renaissance, in which many of old and unused buildings and spaces are being reclaimed, so to speak. And not only that, but there are numerous locations and locales that have a very unique and very specific aura, simply because they’ve incorporated local culture in such a way that makes them stand out a lot. For example an old tobacco factory that’s been turned to a skateboarding park, that included offices, a bookstore, and even a cool restaurant and bar.

Fantastic Beaches

Although the prime beach location in France is the Riviera, Marseille is no stranger to amazing beaches – they’re just not as accessible like places like Nice, but they’re definitely not hard to reach. There are plenty of choices for family style beach excursions, and also some cool beach spots for young people that like to party, and also a few ones that are off the beaten path. The feeling you get when out on the beaches around Marseilles you get is fantastic, and that mostly comes from the fact that you’ve had to work for a bit to find them.

Unforgettable architecture

Marseille is a centuries old city, and many of its buildings are as old as the city. While it might not be an easy feat to find the best buildings in the city, especially if you’re only visiting for a day or two, but if you do manage to find them, you’ll be treated by buildings like the Fort Saint-Jean, or the Notre Dame de la Garde. Whatever you find will definitely stay in your memory, as the architecture is quite varied, even though Marseille is regularly packed with construction sites as the city is constantly evolving.

Great meals

Out of the places in the wider region Marseilles is quite well-known for its amazing Mediterranean cuisine. It’s practically chock full with cool and unique restaurants that offer the best of the best, and there is the local delicacy that’s called Bouillabaisse, which is something that every visitor in Marseille should try at least once.

Romantic strolls through the parks

Even though Marseille is rarely though about in terms of greenery and nature, it’s home to plenty of amazing parks. The parks aren’t good just for walking too, as there are plenty of bike trails and picnic spots. Parks like Parc Borely and Parc Longchamp are among the most popular, and once you walk on its paths you understand why.

Maybe Marseille isn’t as visited as Paris or Nice, but it has too many merits for it to be forgotten or tossed aside. With its unique blend of history and culture, a trip to Marseille is always a treat, and something everyone should do at least once in their life.