Welcome to the world of sports.

When people discuss the trending games in sports, it’s not just about World Cup, NBA and Wimbledon–NHL Playoff Hockey must be on your list, too.

Thanks to the media, we now know that some sports games are problematic as there are illegal businesses behind the matches. If you fancy adding NHL as part of your watch list, then you should bear in mind about the below five reasons that make it so exhilarating:

  • It’s hard-core

Unlike the NBA games, flopping is rather hard for players as they have to skate on the slippery surface during the match. Not only does it show the stupidity of faking an injury, but this action is also rare during NHL games. More importantly, from a psychological perspective, the players are fully geared with a sense of physical security (which turns out isn’t), therefore they are rougher to win every match while wearing their gears.

  • No “trash time”

Unlike the overtime in the NBA Finals, there is a “sudden-death” overtime session which is more unpredictable than other ball games like football. The penalty kick session is predictable when a player missed one or two goals in the football world. For the overtime in the NBA Finals, a “trash time” is likely to happen when there is a 12-0 run; for the NHL Playoff, the game can end immediately when there a player scores a goal against the defenders.

  • Monopoly is unlikely

From tennis to basketball, it is not difficult to see some superstars who dominate the competition like cracking eggs. Matches become boring because most of the people can tell who the winner will be before the game starts. On the other hand, in the world of ice hockey, it is possible to have a rookie who claims the Most Valuable Player title in the Finals, like Pittsburgh Penguins’ Jake Guentzel did. A sports game is only exciting when people cannot tell who is going to win and how the championship is made before the game starts.

  • The best team may not win

Like the monopoly part, in the NHL world, being the best team in the regular season does not automatically guarantee a championship for such team. In previous years, there has been a trend that some underrated teams hammered those teams which performed better during the regular season. It is no exaggeration to say that the ice hockey games truly demonstrate the spirit of sports–perseverance survives.

  • Goaltenders save the game

In basketball terms, “goal-tending” is a violation of basketball rules since the defender cannot interfere the ball going downward after shooting. In comparison, a goaltender in ice hockey means the guardian who changes the fate of the team when the attacker tries to score a point against the defending team. The overtime session makes it more exhilarating–a successful attempt for the goaltender to block the shot spices up the already intense situation.

Of course, there are many more aesthetic reasons to watch ice hockey games, yet the competitiveness of NHL Playoff is definitely worth-watching.