Growing old is a process that no one can stop – our bodies are made to slowly deteriorate with time, especially as we approach our retirement and the golden years.

However, it’s possible to extend our healthy days and slow down deterioration, reach those venerable years with excellent health and being fit, which will allow you to enjoy your retirement with your family and friends, exploring exciting new activities and live life to your fullest.

There’s no magical cure to prevent aging, but if you follow the tips we provide, you’ll feel better, stay healthy, and look great as you age.

Most of these methods are going to be simple changes to your lifestyle, but some will require you to go out of your way and make some appointments with doctors.

A healthy diet

The first and most important way to stay fit as you age is improving your diet – your metabolism is going to drastically change as you get older and will require some changes to what you eat and how you eat to accommodate for the state of your body.

Even if you had excellent and healthy nutrition during your youth, your metabolism will slow down, and you’ll need to cut down on red meats to account for these changes.

Nutritionists recommend that during your senior years you adapt to a Mediterranean diet composed of vegetables, nuts, grains, olive oil, and white meats, with a small intake of wine.

Keep in mind that everyone is different, so consulting with your doctor about any changes will tailor your experience to your needs.

Daily Exercise

You don’t need to be an athlete or a sports enthusiast to perform an exercise routine, nor do you need to “hit the gym” to be healthy, there are several ways to stay fit and exercise at home and around your neighborhood.

Walking is one of the best exercises you can practice as you age, around 10,000 steps a day is what the doctors recommend, so download a free step counting app for your mobile and start walking! You’ll be surprised that leading an active life will probably be enough to cover these 10,000 steps.

Also, consider complementing your exercise routine with bodyweight workouts like squats, lunges, and push-ups.

Explore Your Options

Most people dislike doing repeated exercises at home or just walking around aimlessly, so why not experience something new?

There are tons of activities we often forget that are great for our bodies, light hikes and trail walking, swimming, yoga, dancing, and countless other experiences that can keep us active while entertaining ourselves.

Finding the Right Attitude

Remember, you can’t avoid aging –if you keep this in mind and accept it as a natural process that you must accommodate to, you’ll feel great with yourself and start changing towards a healthy future.

The worst thing you can do is believe you’ll “beat aging” and “fight against old age.” This is another step in your life, like a child learning to walk, you must learn to live with this process and embrace your new life.

Relax and Live Stress-Free

This is a hard thing to do in recent years since everything seems to be out there to get us, causing anxiety and unwanted stress. However, we must do our best to stay calm and “smell the flowers.”

Enjoy every moment you can and try to forget those problems that could plague you, since the primary cause of diseases and health issues is stress you must relax and learn how to deal with problems calmly, especially during your golden years.

Don’t Forget Your Doctors

You can follow every step of this guide, but if you don’t check your health regularly with a doctor, there could be some hidden aspects you might be missing.

Throughout life, yearly appointments with a doctor are enough for most persons, but as you age consider going twice or thrice a year to monitor your health regularly.

Stay Active

If there’s one only advice you can take from this guide, it’s this one. The biggest mistake most people make when they reach retirement age is settling down and leading a sedentary life for the rest of their golden years.

Life live to your fullest and experience new things – stay active by enjoying time with your family and friends, finding new passions and activities that you couldn’t do before, exercising your mind and body with fun new experiences, and many other things that this guide doesn’t cover.

The only person that can influence your health and keep you fit as you age is yourself, so start making changes to your lifestyle, and you’ll be in excellent condition as you age.