Time changes, but organizational success follows a pattern which remains unshaken forever.

In the business world, if anything goes, it is all about making profits in a sustainable manner. With the rise of the fourth industrial revolution, excessive productivity also poses a threat to companies’ survival.

To make your employees proud of their jobs, there are five basic principles which makes your company survive in such turbulent times.

Don’t be evil 

No one hates earning money, but people are less motivated when they work for something that they don’t feel like it is right. Morality is the fundamental principle of founding a company because no one is proud of saying they are earning money with an ill will. A good will is needed for any company to survive.

Share a vision

If the boss only thinks of the short-term plan for the company, then his employees would not be staying for a long-term basis. As the sailor of a boat, it is crucial for the boss to share his vision towards the people who work for his vision, not just for his company.

A clear vision must be addressed so that everyone foresees the company will thrive one day and they hard work will pay off to satisfy their psychological need. A vision keeps the company to lead ahead of its competitors because being visionary also means to be one step ahead.  

Appeal to values

Living in an affluent society, a good salary is simply not enough to make the employees stay in the company for years. Values matter when people are satisfied with their physiological needs–getting a shelter, buying three meals a day, and feeling no need to worry about finance in general.

It is important for employees to work for a reason instead of staying in the same routine without knowing why they have to do so. Being able to appeal to a set of values is the most sustainable way to make profits, ensuring the employees are happy with why they are working for this company.

Be consistent

With a clear vision and a set of values, it even matters more when the work nature of the company does not contradict with what it stated in the beginning. Consistency comes into play whenever the company can show its achievements match with its initial vision as well as the values which the company stands for, strengthening the cornerstone of the company’s future success.

Create a sense of belonging

Above all, business culture is everything related to the sense of belonging. Without this element, no business culture can be created because the employees would not see themselves as being part of the company otherwise. For every move of creating a sense of belonging, there is a friendly boss that treats his employees like his family.

The boss should never impose a strong hierarchy towards his employees, and this is how employees start to have a sense of belonging when there is no clear hierarchy.

To sum up, there are always some good old rules to follow for a successful business. Employees are only proud of their companies when they feel that they are part of the system. Until then, a huge success will follow eventually.