Final 24 Hours: Louisiana College Board of Trustees List with Emails

louisiana_collegeThere is now less than 24 hours left before the Louisiana College Board of Trustees will meet and decide the fate and future of Louisiana Baptists’ only state college.

Below is a list of trustees and their emails. The list is not 100% accurate nor complete. I encourage all Louisiana Baptists to email these men and women and tell them that the president must be dismissed.

Name Email Church
Rev. Jay Adkins First Baptist Westwego
Dr. Waylon Bailey First Baptist Church Covington
Mr. Sam Camp First Baptist Church Covington
Rev. Kris Chenier Trinity Heights Baptist Church
Mr. Clay Crenshaw First Baptist Church Bossier City
Rev. Roy Davis North Shreve Baptist Church
Dr. Lyndon Dawson Jr. First Baptist Church Ruston
Dr. Steve Folmar First Baptist Church Houma
Rev. James Foster Utility Baptist Church
Mr. Michael Francis East Bayou Baptist Church
Dr. Tommy French Jefferson Baptist Church
Rev. Jim Garlington Oak Grove Baptist Church
Rev. Glen George First Baptist Church Gillis
Mr. Ryan Gregory First Baptist Church Oak Grove
Dr. David Hankins Philadelphia Baptist Church
Dr. Randy Harper Bellaire Baptist Church
Mr. J.W. Hellums Emmanuel Baptist Church
Mr. Johnny Hoychick Jr. First Baptist Church Rayville
Dr. Larry Hubbard Riverside Baptist Church
Mr. Jack Hunter First Baptist New Orleans
Rev. Gene Lee First Baptist Church Rayne
Mr. Michael Moore II Mooringsport Baptist Church
Mr. Tony Perkins Greenwell Springs Baptist
Mr. Lonnie Scarborough Fair Park Baptist Church
Dr. Ken Schroeder First Baptist Church Mandeville
Mrs. Candace Selman Trinity Baptist Church
Mr. Steve Thomas First Baptist Church DeRidder
Rev. Carlton Vance Philadelphia Baptist Church
Mr. Heath Veuleman The Gathering Place
Mrs. Roxane West
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  • ALD

    I write this with gentleness and sincerity (I don’t want it to come across as any other way), maybe instead of telling your readers to do something because that is what you want them to do, instead maybe ask them to pray. Pray for God to take control over this situation. Pray for the individuals on this list; don’t flood their email to tell them to do what you want.

    By what authority do you have to tell them what to do? Are you at the meetings?
    Do you actually know every bit of information that has been discussed? I say this because I know two people on the board, and they’re in a difficult and delicate situation. Also, not all of them want him to stay,

    I understand you want Joe out of office. I can’t lie, as an LC Alumna who was a freshman when he was first brought into the presidency, I REALLY REALLY REALLY don’t want him there either. But it’s not our decision, it’s God.

    Just coming to you as another believer in Christ; be careful of your blogging. As Christians we are not to gossip, James 4:11 (nasb) “Do no speak against one another, brethren. He who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks against the law and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge of it.” Hey, nobody is perfect. We all stumble daily, and sometimes fall hard on our face, but Christ forgives us and our past is forgotten.

    We are to love one another as Christ has loved us. Though you may be taking a lot of your information from articles written in newspapers and on the internet, not all are written by followers of God, and they could easily be using this situation to their advantage to bash Christians. Just be careful on who it is that you’re actually supporting.

    Also, pray for Joe. Pray for God to use Joe. God can use anybody he wants to do amazing things. Remember Paul? Pray for God to use Joe in awesome ways. Pray for Joe’s eyes to be open to his wrong doings, and to do what he can to correct what he has done. Maybe this whole fiasco will turn out for the better?