Finding a stylish railing for your home can be tough. Wood or iron can get the job done, sure, but if you’re looking for something different to give your home a more modern vibe, a glass railing system is a sleek solution.

The first, most astonishing thing you notice about a glass railing is how it makes any room look bigger. Without a bunch of balusters propping them up, transparent glass panels give you a completely unobstructed view that seems to open up space

Clear Views, Open Space

With clear views in mind, you start to see all sorts of possibilities that just couldn’t happen with a more traditional railing. Staircases in tight corners can feel less claustrophobic. A nearly invisible railing can let you look over the entire world surrounding a balcony. Enclosing a loft or an indoor balcony with glass will give the illusion of more square footage to the second floor, while being able to look down on your entire living room will make it feel huge. This makes glass a great choice for smaller rooms and tight spaces.

The feeling of open space would be great on its own, but it only adds to the contemporary style inherent in glass. Clean lines and a glossy, gleaming surface go a long way in modernizing any area. When you look at your glass railing and catch a faint reflection of overhead lights or sunlight pouring in through a window, it makes the whole room seem to shine. Panels can be topped with aluminum or stainless steel for a sleek look, or if you really want to go full-on minimalist, you can opt for a frameless glass railing.

Versatility and Beauty 

Another beautiful part of outfitting your home with glass railings is how versatile they are. You need to search for just the right traditional railing to match your space, but clear glass will work anywhere. Install a railing on your balcony, staircase, walkway or any open space you can think of. Glass effortlessly pairs with any color paint, any kind of flooring, any piece of furniture, and it adds a touch of classiness to your room.

A glass railing has a lot to offer for something that’s basically invisible. If you want to add some modern style and the illusion of more space to your home, one simple renovation can do it all.