While Louisiana College Burns: Social Media and Blogging Explosion

lacollegeWhile Louisiana College burns, the internet is abuzz with blog posts, tweets, and facebook discussions from concerned Louisiana College students, Louisiana Baptists, and Southern Baptists from across the United States. Thousands of Southern Baptists have been watching, waiting, and being informed through blogging and social media.

Below is an index to keep up with the many blog posts already up. The index will be updated throughout the next six weeks as more people contribute to the discussion.

We await calls of cooperation from our Louisiana Baptist Convention leaders. Thus far, Frank Page is a voice crying out in the Louisiana wilderness.

Last Update: Feb. 27,  2013

SBC Voices:

The Pernicious Effects of Hype and PR in Christian Organizations

Helping Joe Aguillard and Louisiana Baptists Define “Hyper-Calvinist”

Leadership 101: Fix the Problems, Don’t Attack Those Who Identify Them

The Social Media Effect: It’s a New Baptist World

SBC Focus:

NOLA Pastor David Crosby Calls for Cooperation Amid Diversity in Louisiana Baptist Convention

The Daily Bleat:

While Louisiana College Burns: President Aguillard Condemns Calvinism

While Louisiana College Burns: An Open Letter to Trustee Chairman Gene Lee

While Louisiana College Burns: Dr. David Hankins Stands On Deck

While Louisiana College Burns: Students and Parents Begin Signing Statement

While Louisiana College Burns: Former Trustee Tells Calvinist Students to Leave

Urgent Need Regarding Louisiana College: Prayer

While Louisiana College Burns: Dr. Joe Aguillard Sends “President’s Pen” to Alumni and Friends

While Louisiana College Burns: Recent Trustee Rescinds Endorsement of Joe Aguillard

While Louisiana College Burns: Campus Police Chief Dwayne Rogers Inconsistently Makes Demands

SBC Heritage:

Herschel Hobbs and Joe Aguillard: Two Different Horns Trumpeting

Devin Stutes’ Response to Non Renewals of Louisiana College Professors: Let’s Be Honest

Water for the Fire at Louisiana College: David Hankins is for Cooperation

Dr. David Hankins, the Future of the Cooperative Program Rests With You

While Louisiana College Burns: SACS Review Looms

New Website: LCstudents.org

While Louisiana College Burns: Charges of Oppression from Dr. Joe Aguillard

Blow the Whistle L.C.:

Louisiana College President Publicly Condemns Calvinism: Why Now?

More Professors at Louisiana College Receive Non-Renewal of Contract Notices

Louisiana College President Speaks to Allegations, But What Did He Say?

Dr. David Hankins: A Friend Who Can Help

Louisiana College Administration Targets Students

Will Louisiana College Board of Trustees Protect Students from Administration?

Ken Fryer:

Untimely and Unnecessary Division at Louisiana College

Hope In The Midst of Turmoil At Louisiana College

Reformation Montana:

Anti-Calvinist Rhetoric Diversion From Real Issues at Lousiana College

Catechism of Worship | Cody Kingham:

Students at Louisiana College: After Yesterday, Why Study?

Can Dissent at Louisiana College Be Worshipful?

Can Dissent at Louisiana College Be Worshipful (Pt 2): How Should Students Dissent?


Louisiana College: 5 Treatises On How We Should Respond

One Pilgrim’s Progress | Chris Poe:

Geneva on the Red

Dr. Scott Culpepper’s Open Letter to the Louisiana College Board of Trustees

The Front Porch | Jason Kees:

An Examination of Joe Aguillard’s “Position on Calvinism”

Jared Moore:

Helping Joe Aguillard and Louisiana Baptists Define “Hyper-Calvinist”

Pulpit and Pen of Pastor JD Hall:

Contradictions at Louisiana College

Downshore Drift | Alan Cross:

Calvinism, Louisiana College, and SBC Politics

Louisiana College and the Death of Leadership

The Edge of the Inside | Todd Littleton:

Louisiana College – More Wagging the Dog

Louisiana College – The Death of Idealism

First Things:

Calvinist Controversy at Louisiana College

Solus Christus | Joe Dupree:

While Louisiana College Burns: In My Own Words

Alexandria Town Talk:

Louisiana College president’s comments, loss of theologians, prompt spirited debate

Former Louisiana College board member: ‘Restore integrity to office of president

Former Louisiana College professor calls for Aguillard’s removal as president


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